About Classes

Class Styles


Classical Hatha

Moving slowly through flows of classic postures, expect to build strength, flexibility, and your ability to relax. Each class is perfectly balanced to harmonize your inner and outer body alike. Suitable for beginners and experienced students alike, this class is sure to bring bliss to anyone.

Vinyasa Yoga

A flowing sequence of poses that move one breath per movement. Most suitable for students with some yoga experience, seeking a physically challenging practice that elevates heart rates slightly while keeping a focus on meditation through movement. A flow class is a great way to get out of your head and into your body!

Yin Yoga

A passive style of poses held for long periods of time (from 1 to 5 minutes or more) to access the connective tissues of the body. An excellent compliment to any active lifestyle, Yin yoga reduces stress and tension in your body and mind by taking some time to slow down, relax and reflect.


Enhance your ability to focus, concentrate and stay entered by using techniques that help build mindfulness and ease. Guided meditation classes will train you to achieve mental clarity and restore emotional calm. Suitable for anyone.

What you can expect from Lara Farks Yoga

Teaching Style

Classes aren’t about pretensions, confusing analogies, or “performance yoga.” Expect to receive clear directions, learn about yoga philosophy, practice breath-work, observation, and to create relaxation from within.

Lara “Farks” Farcasan

Lara “Farks” Farcasan is a certified 200 hour level specializing in Hatha Yoga which continues to inspire her teaching style over her 7 years leading classes. Farks has continued to pursue her interest in yoga by training in Hot Yoga, Yoga History, Philosophy and Yin Yoga.

Commitment to Students

  • Safe & Non-competitive environment

  • Accessible instructions, informal atmosphere

  • Modifications for stiff, injured, and new to yoga students

  • Flows designed to increase strength, flexibility, focus and bring balance to the body

  • Suitable for All Levels

  • Focus on physical and energetic benefits