Private Skype Lesson

Private Skype Lesson

from 39.99

Sometimes leaving the house is the hardest part of practicing yoga but with Skype lessons, you just don’t need to go - Yoga comes to you. Whether you’re shy, suffer from anxiety, have an injury, or a busy schedule (or hey just don’t want to commute) practicing via Skype is a great option. Perfect for commuters, work at home days, or if having a little more time and space makes you more comfortable. Skype Yoga is an affordable, easy option for anyone!

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What you'll need for a Skype session:

  1. Computer with functioning camera and microphone (or smart phone)

  2. A good internet connection

  3. Skype account (free)

  4. Yoga Mat (Optional)

  5. Free props you might already have at home: belt, towels or blankets, pillows, and a sturdy chair. If you have dedicated yoga props, great!

Code of Conduct

  • In the event of poor internet connection or any technical issues, You will be able to reschedule.

  • Booking is recommended to be made at least 48 hours in advance.

  • Wrongfully use, any rude or inappropriate behavior or questions will result in cancellation of class/future classes with no refund.

  • Every student must read, agree to terms & sign a waiver form.

  • Students under 19 years of age must be accompanied by a guardian during Skype lessons.