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Yoga Teacher specializing in Yin, Hatha, and Flow Yoga. Realist, alchemist, and zen enthusiast.

What are classes like?


Why Farkstorative Yoga?

Centered around the body balancing properties of Hatha Yoga, Farkstorative Yoga is suitable for all levels.  Each sequence is designed in a flow to optimize your inner and outer body alike.

The classes aren’t about pretensions, confusing analogies, or “performance yoga.” They’re about clear directions, appreciating your own unique body, learning to breathe, and how your thoughts & emotions play into your physical experience.

Farkstorative teacher Lara “Farks” Farcasan is a certified 200 hour level specializing in Hatha Yoga which continues to inspire her teaching style. A life-long learner and yoga enthusiast Farks has continued to pursue her interest increasing her knowledge of Hot Yoga, Strala Yoga, Yoga History, Philosophy and Yin Yoga.

  • Semi-private classes (Maximum 10 students at a time)
  • Safe & Non-competitive environment
  • Accessible instructions, informal atmosphere
  • Modifications for stiff, injured, and new to yoga students
  • Flows designed to increase strength, flexibility, focus and bring balance to the body
  • Suitable for All Levels
  • Focus on physical and energetic benefits

Benefits of Regular Yoga Practice

  • Improved flexibility and range of motion in joints
  • Improved concentration, patience and focus
  • Improved balance
  • Improved efficiency of the breath
  • Improved propreoception (awareness of the body in space)
  • Improved recovery from other activities

Our Services

  • Semi-Private Classes
  • Corporate Yoga
  • Yoga for Active People
  • Private Teachings & Lessons
  • Mediation & Relaxation Teaching
  • Pranayama Teaching
  • Online Courses
  • Virtual Consultations

Here are some reasons you may want to look at taking private yoga classes:

Why private lessons?

  • You want less distractions in a private setting. There’s no one to compare yourself to. Private classes offer less distractions and a stronger rapport with your teacher.
  • You’re busy. Classes are easily fit into your schedule which is perfect for people with erratic schedules or those on the go (and who more needs yoga really?)
  • You’re a tentative beginner.  In private lessons, you’re never left alone to figure out what you’re supposed to do next.  You get the full attention of the teacher and all the benefits of hands on adjustments.  Not only will you not have to worry about keeping up with the group but also instead of trying to filter what you should be doing in the class you’ll receive only the modification instructions specifically designed for your body.
  • You’ve got questions. In one on one settings you get the opportunity to ask any questions you may have about your practise, yoga in general, specific asanas, pranayam or meditation to deepen your practise.
  • You want a custom tailored flow.  Private classes give you the perfect opportunity to work on a specific area of the body, working with a healing injury, or emotional stressor.  Custom tailored flows are also a great way to start a home practise.

What do I wear?

Wear practical, comfortable clothing that isn’t going to bulge, slip or move out of place on your mat ( lululemon pants if you’re so inclined but it’s not a requirement) and expect to take off your socks & shoes.

What should I do in advance?

Have a snack or light meal no later than 2 hours prior to class.  If you must eat closer to class time, make it a small snack like a piece of fruit.

If you're going to a Hot Yoga class, I recommend hydrating adequately the day before as well as the day of class.

It’s good etiquette to arrive at least 10 minutes prior to class to set up any props you may need, go to the washroom etc…

Is it ok if I leave early?


What do I need to bring?


I hate relaxation and savasana (Corpse Pose). Why do I need to just lie there?


Can you do yoga when you’re really inflexible?



Other Etiquette you should be aware of:

This is going to sound hard assed… If  you not able to stay for the duration of the class, wait to come to a class at a later time or date that you can stay for the entire class.

It’s kind of like agreeing to go with your friend to a movie and ducking out half way through — you’ll likely miss the point of the movie and disturb the rest of the audience (not to miss mention the end result!  Why would you pay to go to a movie and not see the ending?!).

A mat, a medium sized blanket. If you want to bring bottled water (or water in a container with a lid) that’s fine too.

Relaxation or Savasana that finishes every yoga class is the most important part of yoga.

A yoga practise is kind of like baking cookies… the asanas or postures are where you’re mixing the batter — but you need to let them bake for them to fuse together to get the finished products.  Sure cookie dough is good but nothing beats a fresh baked cookie!

Not doing yoga when you’re inflexible is like saying that you shouldn’t shower if you’re dirty.  You don’t need to be super athletic or active either. If you're thinking of starting a yoga program, it's a great idea to consult your doctor first (especially if you're pregnant or have a pre-existing medical condition). Otherwise - the only requirement is having a body!

  • Please refrain from wearing perfumed products
  • Leave your cellphone off and outside the practise area
  • Be sure to alert your teacher of any health conditions, injuries, or if you are pregnant
  • Refrain from wearing jewlery, belts, and other accessories if possible.